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How to Care for your Ipe Garden Furniture

Your Santa Cruz Garden Furniture comes to you with a natural finish, with a light coat of teak oil applied at the factory. There has been no stain applied to your garden furniture. The maintenance of your investment is very minimal and varies depending on the placement and climate in which your furniture is in.

If your ipe garden furniture is in a location that receives full exposure to the elements, you can let the wood weather naturally to a handsome silver or you can occasionally apply an oil finish (as described below) to maintain the look of your product as when it arrived to you. For garden furniture placed in a covered or shaded location, oiling is rarely needed. We strongly suggest not applying any type of weather sealer or varnish to your investment. Doing so will void your warranty.

Ipe wood garden furniture is extremely durable, therefore, this product can be left outdoors in the sun, rain and snow. Over time, the UV rays in sunlight will mellow the natural dark brown color of ipe wood into a handsome silver. Even if the color fades, the structural integrity of your ipe garden furniture will remain strong and sturdy. You will never encounter water damage, bugs ir wood rot with your ipe furniture.

For maintaining the "new" look of your investment, Santa Cruz Garden Furniture suggests using a quality oil specialized for exotic hardwoods, both available online or your local hardware store. These products deliver a three-way oil protection for maximum durability. These products penetrate deep into the wood to accentuate the natural wood depth and grain. Simply wipe or brush the oil on to your furniture and be sure to wipe off any excess to ensure no color variation resulting from a heavier application in areas.

There are some circumstances where you will need to clean your ipe garden furniture. In these cases, simply use a stiff brush and soapy water to remove any foreign material on your furniture. If your investment needs a deeper cleaning, many companies have a cleaning solution available. Although there are many options when it comes to wood cleaners, many of your common cleaners found at your local hardware store contain harsh chemicals that will completely strip the beauty of the natural ipe wood grain. Be sure to let your furniture completely dry prior to applying any finish.

Being a natural hardwood, your ipe garden furniture may show signs of checking or small surface cracks. These minor occurrences will not effect the structural integrity or durability of the wood. Ipe hardwood has exceptional physical properties, making this a superior choice for outdoor garden furniture.

Santa Cruz is happy to say, your investment is naturally resistant to termites, mold, fungus and fire. The characteristics found in our line of garden furniture are unique to the ipe hardwood, making it ideal for outdoor garden applications. Ipe is one of the most stable natural wood products available.

Ipe Furniture Assembly
Some of our Ipe Garden Furniture requires assembly. Assembly instructions are included in every package. Assembly time is approximately 30-minutes per piece. Basic skills are all that are required. Although an allen wrench is included in the packaging, you may also need a flat headed screwdriver, no. 2 phillips screwdriver, and a rubber mallet to aid in assembly.

Furniture Construction

Our furniture is made from premium kiln-dried solid hardwood Ipe. All of our products feature mortise and tenon construction and includes brass and exterior grade hardware. We take extreme pride in the quality of our outdoor garden furniture we provide and hope you find comfort in the ease of assembly, while noticing the extreme durability in the construction of our line of garden furniture.